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“Sabine was my mentor last year and it was a real pleasure working together with. Her coaching style has proven to be very effective and instrumental for me. Beyond being certified for coaching with classic toolboxes, in particular Insights Discovery , Sabine offers you relevant thoughts and reflections. I appreciated her high level of relevant experience at senior management levels with a particular style based on human intelligence and a down to earth mentality. Sabine has a very busy agenda, yet she is easily approachable and gives you a feeling of proximity. Sabine helped me to think differently and brought the best out of me during a crucial period of change.”


“During a professional transition period I had the pleasure to have the support of Sabine for guidance and reflection. She has great experience and seniority. She uses this to enhance her understanding of the particularities of each individual situation. This in turn she uses to guide her empathy to ask the right questions which elicits the necessary reflections one needs to make during these times of personal change.”


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